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Harry Vardon, British Golfer Born In 1870.

Harry Vardon, one of eight children born to a working class family without any sort of privilege in the Channel Isle of Jersey, would become one of the greatest golfers of his time. In the 1890's, when as a young man he was to become a professional golfer, the majority of his peers would not have come from his background. So it was very fortuitous that he was given the opportunity and encouragement to develop his natural talent.

A well written book, by Audrey Howell, which is packed with information on Vardon's life is the main source I used in writing this article. "Harry Vardon, The Revealing Story of a Champion Golfer" is available, should you too wish to read it, from a link to an online bookseller from my website in the resource box. What makes this book even more interesting to the reader, is that the author is married to Vardon's son, born out of a long term affair vardon had with a singer.

Aside from this snippet, the story of how Harry Vardon was introduced to golf is indeed fascinating. The family lived in a small cottage on Grouville common. Philip Vardon, his father made a living as a labourer after the demise of the Jersey shipbuilding industry in the 1860s. Harry Vardon would have been about eight when a golf course was laid out on the common land, on which he lived. The game, that he would have seen being played there for the first time in his home island, must have captured his interest. We can imagine that the strange gentlemen who were measuring up the land to set out their golf course, that years later Vardon would write about in his memoirs, My Golfing Life, could have never guessed that the poor boy watching them would be destined to become one of the greatest golfers of all.

Harry stopped his schooling, aged 12, and took a job on a local farm; by the time he was fourteen he had entered domestic service in the employment of a Dr Godfrey. His next move, in 1887, was to work as an under-gardener for a Major Spofforth. Luckily for Vardon, his new employer was a keen golfer and would sometimes ask the quiet young man to accompany him on a round of golf. In this era, golf was considered a Gentleman's game and players were selected almost exclusively from the upper classes, the professions and from military officers.

The lack of social rank, or finance, would have precluded Vardon from joining the newly formed Royal Jersey Golf Club, who had set up on the land outside his family home. Artisans, such as Vardon, did however form various golfing groups. It was the Major who, spotting the talent his under-gardener displayed in the game, encouraged Harry Vardon to join one such Working Men's Golfing Society. Vardon was playing to a handicap of 3 at this time and years later he would say that that this was overly tough on him, as he considered he was more likely an 8 or 10 rather than a 3.

No gentleman would play golf on the Sabbath day in Victorian times and so the working men were able to play their golf on a Sunday, when the course would be allocated to them. Harry Vardon was to win his first prize in a tournament in this company of working-class golfers.

Harry Vardon was not, however, the only golfer in the family. He had a younger brother called Tom who was also taken with the game. It was Tom that would decide to leave Jersey first and sail to the English mainland to find work in the north of the country. Here Tom was to learn the art of club-making at Lowe and, in pursuing his love of golf, he entered a golfing tournament at Musselburgh in Scotland. The younger Vardon won the second prize of 12 and 10 shillings. His brother, Harry, was amazed at the value of the prize money. At this time Harry Vardon's annual wage was only 16 and so it was that he resolved to save up for his own passage to England.

As fate would have it, at the time that he was ready to leave Jersey, Lord Ripon engaged the Lowe company to set out a nine-hole golf course on his Yorkshire estate. Harry Vardon, on applying for the position as the professional was offered it and so, aged 20, he left his employment in Jersey to set out on the path that would take him to be six times winner of the British Open and the first Briton to ever win the United States Open.

Doing A Short Sale Or Filing For Bankruptcy

Tim Mackey is a Scottsdale-based lawyer who handles all types of bankruptcy and short sale filings for clients at the Mackey Law Firm PC. According to Mackey, when it comes to deciding between a short sale versus bankruptcy, neither option is necessarily better than the other.

A short sale and a bankruptcy are two very different processes. As a bankruptcy lawyer in Scottsdale, I have seen people choose short sales and bankruptcies for all types of different reasons. Be it from a personal liability standpoint or a tax standpoint, there are a lot of reasons why bankruptcy or a short sale might be tools that we would want to use.

Short Sale
If an attorney could secure the appropriate releases from a lender, then a short sale could certainly be a viable option for a homeowner who gets in over his head on a mortgage. And in most scenarios, a short sale will do much less damage to a person's credit score than a foreclosure. But when compared to a bankruptcy, short sales might not always be the more favorable option for every client.

Whether or not you should file for bankruptcy depends on your specific financial situation. In cases where a person's bank or lender refuses to negotiate on the terms of a mortgage or discharge any of the debt from a mortgage, filing for bankruptcy might very well be a better option to try than a short sale. In particular, if a person will still be left with a personal liability or debt after the short sale or foreclosure has gone through, then that is when bankruptcy starts looking like the better option.

Ultimately, the decision whether or not to file for bankruptcy depends on multiple factors that are going to be different for every individual. Among these factors, in my experience, are the client's financial assets, liabilities, current income, and his desire to retain or dispose of the physical property in question. That's why it is hard to make a blanket statement regarding which option is better than the other. A bankruptcy lawyer in Scottsdale would have to weigh all of these factors before offering his opinion about the topic to a client.

Bankruptcy is a right that everyone has, and in a lot of cases, it is the best decision. For many of my clients in recent months, bankruptcy has proven to be the better option. Rather than looking at bankruptcy as giving up, more people are now choosing to look at it as a form of protection that is offered to them by the government. While a person is in bankruptcy, he can shield some of his assets and future wages from creditors, which he would not be able to do through a short sale. In addition, some bankruptcy filers are able to work out plans that allow them to keep their homes.

Bankruptcy Lawyer
Generally, bankruptcy ends up being the better option to go with for individuals with a lot of personal assets at stake, along with anyone whose bank or lender refuses to negotiate on the terms of his mortgage. On the other hand, a short sale tends to be the better option for people who are concerned about their credit scores, because those are usually not affected very much by going through a short sale on a property.

If you're struggling to make your monthly mortgage payments, then you should visit a qualified bankruptcy lawyer to discuss your options. For people living in the Scottsdale area, Mackey Law Firm PC is a firm that can handle all types of bankruptcy, short sale, and foreclosure cases.

This article is for informational purposes only. You should not rely on this article as a legal opinion on any specific facts or circumstances, and you should not act upon this information without seeking professional counsel. Publication of this article and your receipt of this article does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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Mike Dillard's Elevation Group - Another Over Hyped Sales Pitch Or The Real Deal?

You'd have to be stranded on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere to not have heard about the launch of Mike Dillard's latest financial program "The Elevation Group". I've witnessed countless other wealth building programs being pitched, hyped up and marketed to death but I have to admit the level of sales pitches and marketing surrounding Mike Dillard's Elevation Group was about as over the top as I've ever seen.

The big affiliate marketers came out in droves and now you're suddenly seeing a bunch of internet marketers all now claiming to be financial experts. That is absolutely ridiculous.

Half these affiliate marketers suddenly claiming to be financial experts and economists wouldn't know a stock P/E ratio or a leveraged Exchange Traded Fund from a lead capture page. By the way, if financial terms like that leave you scratching your head then you need to read this Elevation Group review more than you know.

So let me cut through the silly marketing tactics and super slick sales pitches and give you the inside scoop on Mike Dillard's Elevation Group from an investor's (not an affiliate marketer's) perspective.

What is the Elevation Group Exactly?

The Elevation Group is a financial and investment education based membership group created by Mike Dillard. Mike is actually one of the most successful internet and network marketers in the business and is well known and respected in the industry.

So how does an internet marketer create a financial and investment education company? I mean what does an internet marketer know about investments and financial information? That is exactly the point of Elevation Group. Admittedly, Mike knew very little about investments and wealth building strategies when he started the Elevation Group. The Elevation Group is actually Mike's personal diary of his journey into unlocking the investment strategies of the ultra-rich.

In nutshell, as a member of Elevation Group you get to tag along and follow a multi-millionaire internet marketer around as he scours the world in search of the absolute best financial experts and wealth building strategies available.

What Type of Information Will You Get in the Elevation Group?

As Mike says, he unlocks the "black-box" investment strategies of the rich. You'll discover how financial gurus and multi-millionaires like Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump actually get richer during times of economic turmoil.

You'll learn how to use a concept called "infinite banking" to become your own bank and grow your money 100% tax free. You'll also get to listen in on world renowned precious metals investor Mike Maloney as he shows you how to grow your wealth by as much as 280% even during a recession.

You'll learn how to scoop up cash-flowing real estate investment properties at pennies on the dollar by leveraging silver and gold. There's also an extensive education on how to profit during times of high inflation and how to protect your family from a financial crisis like the one we had in 2008.

We all know that millionaires and billionaires get to play by a different set of rules and have access to better investments than the masses. Since Mike is already a multi-millionaire, as a member of the Elevation Group, he lets you tag along as he opens doors and gains access to financial investments and wealth building experts that average people simply cannot.

Will You Get Rich With Elevation Group?

The Elevation Group was created more to help you grow the money you already have rather than to make money. If you don't have much capital to invest and you need to make more money, then the Elevation Group may not be the best option for you. The Elevation Group is not a business opportunity but is more of a rolodex of expert financial information and contacts. Truthfully, if you're not an experienced investor I would recommend you obtain the services of a good financial investment advisor who has extensive experience with alternative investments and wealth building strategies before you join the Elevation Group.

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1 Click Money Payday Loan - Fast And Hassle-free Income

Are you short of money and searching for a quick cash answer? The answer to your money challenge will be the 1 click money payday loan. Should you are not conscious of the payday loan idea, then read on for some intriguing details. A payday loan could aptly be referred to as as very first aid for your money woes.

The only similarity that the loan shares with its conventional counterpart is that both of them provide you with funds. The entire idea otherwise is radically diverse. This loan is tailor created for the persons who need to have dollars without having any formalities, at just a click. Both the kinds of loans aren't substitutes for one another although.

If you Have Money in Emergency

1 click money payday loan is meant to fulfill your urgent money requirements for which finding a normal loan is actually a highly cumbersome process. Folks who have a payday to payday way of life typically locate themselves short of money within the middle of the month. So, without having having to wait for acquiring the approval for days at an end, they are able to get money in a twinkling.

Naturally, the world wide web has simplified points, that has produced the fairly idea of an one-click cash advance doable. A payday cash advance permits you to borrow an quantity from 0-00, depending upon your require. You'll find no tedious credit checks; no waiting for days for approvals- it can be an effortless and effortless process.

Quick Cash is really a Click Away

A 1 click money payday loan does not get you an automobile or a household, so you do require the conventional loan too. But what the online cash advance can do for you is critical due to the fact money emergencies can crop up anytime without having notice. The usual term of this loan is between 1-2 weeks. Nevertheless, if require be, the term is often extended up to a month on payment of some additional quantity.

The application and eligibility process is particularly basic. Should you be above 18 years of age as well as an US citizen having a normal monthly income of 00, you're by way of. The on the net application asks for some simple details like the above-mentioned ones and when you satisfy the criteria, you get an instant approval. As soon as this stage is over, its only a number of hours alot more till the funds gets transferred to your account.

Some many people attempt to make comparisons between the two kinds of loans available- the conventional 1 and also the 1 click money payday loan. This just isn't advisable given that both of them have their own significance and cater to distinct wants that don't encroach upon every other's territory.

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Wooden Blocks Help Children Learn

In these days of electronic toys, it's important not to forget the fundamentals of childhood development. Wooden blocks are one of the most creativity enhancing toys around. It is known for centuries that wooden blocks aid the development of different skills of young children through the open-ended play of constructing with blocks. Nowadays you can get building blocks made from different materials but wooden blocks have been favorite toys for centuries. Wood is a great natural material that has his own smell, texture and color so children can use all their senses. Even the poorest people could afford to give their children wooden blocks maybe not as nice as ours are, but basically the same stuff so it's kind of ironic that the poorest could afford the best toys there are.

While playing with wooden blocks may not be very sophisticated, they are ideal learning tool because the child has countless possibilities and can use all of his imagination. While playing with wooden blocks child develops his muscle coordination, discovers how different objects feel in his hands, thinks about shapes and colors and how different wooden blocks would go together and stay their.

Wooden blocks have lots of educational benefits. Here are some ways that children learn from wooden blocks.

Physical benefits: wooden blocks improve eye-hand coordination and build strength in a child's fingers and hands. They also help educate children to feel and recognize different shapes.

Social benefits: playing with wooden blocks encourages children to make friends and cooperate. It is often the first experience a child has playing with other children. Wooden blocks are a benefit for the children because they encourage creativity, interaction and imagination which is important for social play.

Intellectual benefits: children can potentially develop their vocabularies as they learn to describe sizes, shapes, and positions. Math skills are developed through the process of grouping, adding, and subtracting, particularly with standardized wooden blocks, such as unit blocks. Experiences with gravity, balance, and geometry learned from wooden blocks also provide intellectual stimulation.

Creative benefits: children develop their creative stimulation by constructing the wooden blocks in countless ways.

The wooden blocks develop child's creativity and imagination, which will in his life come very handy, because wooden blocks practically can not be constructed in a wrong way. All options are open in the building process which has a positive impact on child's thinking development.

Children can continue to use wooden blocks as they grow. Infants and toddlers enjoy while they are touching them and putting it in their mouth. Two years old show their first building skills while making a simple structures, while the three year olds can make more complex structures. Four year olds begin to discover patterns and designs and make a structure that are true work of art. In kindergarten and early years of school wooden blocks allow children to recreate structures that they see in real life.

For the benefit of the child every child should have a set of wooden blocks. Here is the site with reviews that will help you choose the right wooden blocks for your children.

Peter CampaWooden blocks will help child learn and develop in multiple ways. Here is the site that we, as responsible parents, review different wooden blocks.Wooden blocks reviews

Peter CampaWooden blocks will help child learn and develop in multiple ways. Here is the site that we, as responsible parents, review different wooden blocks.

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Knowing A Bit More About Wholesale Real Estate Investing

Among the simplest ways to get in the real estate business is via wholesale real estate investing. It simply requires you to seek out a less expensive property for sale and look for a buyer who is willing to buy it immediately. This would grant you a quick profit the second the sale is done.

Whether you are considering wholesale real estate investing a business or perhaps just a temporary means to earn cash quick, take some time to get to know the strategy first. Understand that there are positive aspects as well as disadvantages in this method. It is essential that you are aware of all these so you can make a practical choice that you wouldn't feel sorry about afterwards.

There are lots of advantages of wholesale real estate investing. It does not involve a great deal of money and it does not necessitate that you possess certificates or special degrees. Since wholesale lets you market properties right away, you can do it even with very little cash on hand.

This strategy is considered extremely low risk. There is not any threat in losing much money since the wholesaler doesn't have to purchase the property. He creates an offer to buy it at a given price and when the seller agrees, he makes it under contract.

The wholesaler appears with the funds either by himself or from another party. In this case, if he's got a readily available buyer then he doesn't need to shell out cash. If ever the wholesaler ceases to come up with the cash at the agreed time, the contract will just be nullified. There aren't any legal effects on that case.

In addition, wholesale doesn't require you to reconstruct or maintain the property. You do not have management work to accomplish. Every deal is a one-time transaction that is fast and provides swift profit.

However, there are a few downsides you have to consider. The first one on your list is that if you've no ready buyers available, then you ought to hold on to the property much longer. That way, you lose a bit more profit.

It is also quite possible to purchase a property and then discover in the end that you need to spend more money on repairs, hence reducing your profit. That being said, it's extremely important to check out the property very well prior to choosing to buy it.

Once you have weighed the benefits and drawbacks of wholesale real estate investing, the decision is yours to make. If or when you decide to embark on this kind of business venture, make sure you're well prepared for everything that could happen. Do not forget, be a wise investor and gain profit rather than lose it.

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Getting Home Loan With Bad Credit: The Key To Application Success

When bad credit borrowers are looking to buy a new home, the chances of getting the mortgage they need are much lower than for good credit applicants. That is only to be expected, but the good news is that getting home loans with bad credit is far from being an impossibility. While perfect terms can be ruled out, the opportunity for funding is welcome.

It is common knowledge that securing mortgage approval from traditional lenders, like banks, is difficult but with so many online lenders to choose from, a competitive alternative can be easily sourced. They are also more affordable, with interest rates that are more competitive and more flexible repayment terms.

The fact is that low credit rating is not the deciding factor in any loan application, so getting a home loan comes down to other factors. If these are in good order, then the chances of approval are improved greatly.

What are the Key Areas?

With bad credit ruled out, the areas that are key to the success of an application for a home loan with bad credit are the budget of the applicant, whether a down payment can be made (and how large it is), and the specific terms of the mortgage deal being offered.

Working out the budget is the first step for any applicant, since it will reveal what repayments are affordable, which in turn, directly affects the size of the mortgage affordable. So, securing mortgage approval effectively starts by calculating the size of the existing debt, and comparing it to income.

Once the amount of the excess income is known, an affordable repayment can be calculated, thus revealing the size of the home loan most likely to be secure. What is more, if existing debts are high, there is time to reduce them by before submitting an application.

The Role of the Down Payment

Few people stop to think that a down payment is more significant to a mortgage deal than simply being used to formalize the sale agreement. The fact is that the size of a down payment directly affects the size of the mortgage required. So, if it is large enough then getting a home loan with bad credit is easier.

Basically, if a 5% down payment is made on a home costing 0,000, the size of the required mortgage falls to 2,500, but with a 10% payment just 5,000 is needed. The resulting difference in monthly repayments may only be or so, but that alone can make securing mortgage approval easier. After all, over 30 years, that saving amounts to ,000.

Lenders also like the idea of applicants pledging larger down payments because the financial discipline requires to save that cash is high. That kind of commitment is impressive when it comes to considering granting a home loan.

Get the Right Lender

Finally, the significance of the lender is huge when applying for a home loan with bad credit. This is because the specific terms, fees and late penalties can make the mortgage deal less affordable than was first thought. In fact, the policies set by the lenders often are what swings the deal, so getting the right one is very important.

To that end, approaching online lenders is usually the best way of securing mortgage approval, and the fact they are known to charge more competitive interest rates means they offer the most affordable home loan options - as long as the criteria and conditions are met, of course.

Still, always check the reputation of an online lender in the Better Business Bureau website before signing any loan contract.