Friday, August 31, 2012

Auto Detailing Calgary: How to Get Soda Stains Out of Your Car Seat

You know you love your car. You love driving around, and going to different places throughout the day. You stop to fill up on a little gas and decide to get a cherry soda. Why not, it is hot out right? You just got your car detailed, so you tell yourself you are going to be very careful drinking this tasty beverage. You are driving down the road and go to take a sip, and all of a sudden the car in front you slams on their brakes and that soda is all over you and the seat. How are you going to get the soda stain out? This article will explain exactly how to do that and possibly prevent them for happening in the first place.

Soda stains are pretty hard to prevent in a car. It just seems like they are a natural occurrence, especially if you have kids. The only true way to stop soda stains from happening is keeping you car soda free. Why not, it is your car after all. If your family loudly opposes this idea you can let them only bring bottled soda in the car, because that at least has a cap on it whereas soda cans do not. Another thing you could do is to spray a fabric protector on all of your car seats according to the manufacturer's directions. While this won't stop your kids from simultaneously pouring grape soda on your nice white car seats, this will make clean up a little easier on you. Of course you can put car seat covers on all of the seats. Then all you would need to do is throw the covers in the washer machine the next time a soda spills.

How to get the soda stains out may be a little trickier but it is possible. Let's first discuss how to clean up a fresh soda stain, which may be easier to deal with than a set in stain. So, you just spilled some soda on your car seat. The first thing you should when it is safe to do so, such as after you pull over, is to blot the soda with a paper towel. Keep on blotting until you get all the liquid up. Make sure you do not use a scrubbing motion because you will only rub the stain into the seat. Once you do that take a spray bottle filled with 4 cups of warm water and a tablespoon of detergent and spray the stain. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and then proceed to blot this up with paper towels. Repeat until the stain is gone. If you have leather car seats dampen a paper towel with warm water and blot the soda up. Make sure to dry the spot with more paper towels until dry.

If you have stains that are set into the seat of you car you may want to use a foaming upholstery cleaner according to the manufacturer's directions. You could alternatively use a steam vacuum with a hose attachment on the stain, and follow the directions. As always when cleaning any fabric make sure you test the method on a small spot of the upholstery that isn't as noticeable to make sure it doesn't do any damage.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Three Things to Remember When Buying Fixer Uppers

There's always risk involved when investing on real estate properties. More so if you're thinking of investing on fixer uppers. Not everything could be left up to luck. In fact, there are things you should do to make sure you're not investing on a lost cause. Unless you're buying a potential dream house, there are many things to consider when buying a fixer upper if you want a reasonable return on your investment.

It's quite exciting to find homes that look beautiful if only the lawn was properly maintained or if the house had a fresh coating of paint. It's even more particularly exciting because fixeruppers are usually undervalued. If you don't mind having a little project on your hand and if you really understand what you'll be getting into in terms of repairs or renovations, then it could be quite a diamond in the rough.

Here are a few things you may want to consider:

1. Location - It's still very important to consider where the property is located. Say for example you're looking through Long beach Island homes for sale and you find a fixer-upper, undervalued Long Beach Island real estate, that could be quite a find because the location is quite a desirable one. Just remember that no matter how well you fix up a fixer upper in a bad neighborhood you can't do much to increase its value because in real estate, location makes up for a lot of what the value of a real estate property would be.

2. Floor plan - One of the things that can help you increase the value of an undervalued property is adding a room into the floor plan or opening up an area of the house to make the layout a bit more aesthetically pleasing. However, since these home projects usually need time and money to complete, it's important that you buy a house that has a floor plan which you can already live with. It's going to be quite difficult to live in a house with two oversized rooms if you really need three rooms to accommodate your entire family. You can put in extra rooms and bathrooms later, but it's important that you'll be happy with what you'll have now.

3. Repairs - This is a crucial part of buying a fixer upper. Determine if the repairs that you'll need to do on the house is going to be worth the time, money and effort. Sometimes people look at the potential but underestimate the kinds of repairs that they'll be involved with once they buy the house. It's good to have experts look at the plumbing, HVAC, electrical system, roof, and the likes. Get an idea about how much it's going to cost to have systems replaced or repaired and see if the low price of the house is still attractive after you pile the cost of repairs you'll need to make afterwards. Also, take into consideration how long the repairs will need to complete because you may need to live with the mess for a while or maybe even look for alternate accommodations as the repairs are being finished, which puts more financial stress on you.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Role Of An Accounts Receivable Staff

Accounts receivable from the accounting scenario has a deep meaning and complicated undertaking. Accounts receivable is an asset of the business so the collections of these will be greatly affecting the company's cash flow. Despite the era of computer technology, the accounts receivable staff still is needed in the company. Although the job is easier now because of the accounting software, they still perform manual duties that cannot be replaced by computers.

By definition, an accounts receivable specialist is a member of the company work force whose function is to handle billing and collections for the enterprise. Their duties and responsibilities are critical for the cash flow and profitability of the firm.


Once designated for the position, the worker has to be adept in operating a computer as most business transactions are now incorporated in various accounting software. The employee handling the job must keep track of clients who need to be billed, how much and when payments are due. For past due accounts, they are also in charge of reminding the clients and in addition to the verbal reminder which they do via the phone, written communications in form of letters or emails must also be handled by this employee. They can be tasked to devise strategies to collect and convert the receivables into cash. Receivables are nothing when these cannot be turned into their monetary equivalent.


This employee must be endowed with mathematical skills as the work may entail computations. He or she must have strong communication ability - both oral for collection letters and verbal for phone collections. He or she must possess an analytical mind, must be sensible, hardworking, organized and a problem solver. The last qualification is very vital because collection is a difficult problem to handle.

Many companies require the employee for this position to have an associate degree in accounting. There are companies that require higher educational attainment - that of a bachelors degree, preferably in accounting or bookkeeping. There are some job applicants for this position that are lucky to be hired with only a high school diploma and accountancy training (formal or informal).

Accounts receivable and business profitability

Accounts receivable may have arisen due to sale of merchandise - if the business is on sales. This is actually non-cash sales; credit or loan in the layman non-accounting term. So even if the goods are said to be sold, without the material cash on hand, the firm cannot yet treat as part of the income. It must first be collected and payment should be received. Payments can be made through checks, credit cards or cash. Credit cards are good as cash but for checks - this type of asset must first be cleared with the issuing bank and ultimately converted into cash. The monitoring of this endeavor rests on the hands of the accounts receivable clerk or specialist.

Hiring of accounts receivable staff is a crucial decision for the human resource department of the company. The job requires competence.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tigers For Tomorrow At Untamed Mountain

Tigers for Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain is a privately owned exotic animal preserve in northeastern Alabama. The facility is not a zoo but a non-profit rescue preserve that provides a safe sanctuary for animals in need of a permanent home. A visit to Tigers for Tomorrow is an educational experience for all ages.

Tigers for Tomorrow was founded in 1999 by Sue Steffens, the former Director of Development for the Palm Beach Zoo at Dreher Park. The preserve was originally located in Fort Pierce, Florida, but plans were made to move further north after the preserve suffered damage from two hurricanes. It was able to merge with another rescue organization, Bluegrass Farms Wildlife Sanctuary in Attalla, Alabama. They now own 140 acres in rural DeKalb County, Alabama.

The preserve is home to more than 100 exotic animals including 17 tigers, 14 mountain lions, four African lions, and two black leopards. There are also camels, a zebra, wolves, and both grizzly and black bears. The animals have come from different sources. Some have been rescued from private owners who could no longer care for them. Others came from zoos that were closed, circuses, and canned hunts. Tigers for Tomorrow does not have a training or breeding program. Its goal is just to provide a safe place for the animals to live out their lives.

The facility is open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9am to 5pm. During the summer when the weather is hot, it is best to visit in the morning when the animals are more active. Visitors are free to walk the property and view the animals. Untamed Mountain is in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, and there is lots of walking over hilly terrain. Visitors should plan to wear comfortable shoes. The Children's Barnyard Contact Area is the only area where visitors may directly interact with the animals. The Barnyard contains sheep, goats, llamas, and emus that may be petted. In the other areas of the preserve, visitors are at least four feet from any animal enclosure. Visitors are welcome to enjoy a picnic lunch in the picnic area.

Tigers for Tomorrow preserve will be opening several new areas in June. There will be a new Welcome Center with a gift shop. The shop will sell animal related items as well as jewelry and other gifts. The facility will also unveil a new wolf habitat. In addition, there will be a Legacy Living Classroom that can be used for educational programs. It will house exhibits of small mammals, reptiles, birds, and native Alabama wildlife. Tigers for Tomorrow recently received a grant from Legacy Inc., Partners in Environmental Education to construct a butterfly garden.

The preserve is located southwest of Fort Payne, Alabama, near the town of Collinsville. The address is 708 County Road 345 in Attalla. Admission is .50 for adults, for seniors age 65 and older, and .25 for children ages 3-11 years. No credit cards are accepted. Cameras and video cameras are not allowed. A visit to Tigers for Tomorrow sanctuary provides a wonderful opportunity to observe exotic animals in a non-zoo setting.

Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Skip Trace Without Pretext

My name is Frank M. Ahearn and I am a skip tracer, a skip tracer is someone who finds people, my clients range from private investigators, lawyers to finance companies. Typically, the people I search for have done something to someone like cheated them out of money, cheated with a mate or some other type misdeed.

A skip tracer is usually the last line of defense; we come in when the client has exhausted all means and cannot locate a subject. A good skip tracer picks up the phone, calls family, friends and neighbors for leads to the subjects whereabouts.

The face of skip tracing has changed with the new law passed it prohibits people from calling telephone companies and creating a subterfuge for information. The phone companies have always been a well of information for skip tracers - those days are over.

Interestingly enough, the internet is a great place to locate information and I'm not talking about the database companies that sell regurgitated information for .99. Those databases are good for a starting point in your investigation but be cautious the information provided has never been checked or confirmed - your buying a piece of a persons history with no real proof of what is true or untrue, buyer beware.

The question now is how one finds all the good information online. The answer is in how you search for your subject, simply putting their name in Google or Yahoo does not give you what you need. They key is the sites you hit and how you manipulate the subjects name. For example, Zabasearch is an excellent web site for information, you can put a person's name, search it by city, state or national. You can even search it by year of birth if you have or only last name with a first initial. What is good about Zabasearch besides being free is you can pick up a subjects month and year of birth, sometime a phone or cell number is located.

The next step is after you located some information about your subject from Zabasearch and it appears credible, take some time and hit Superpages, run the addresses you located in the reverse listing, run the name in the Whitepages area and if you pick up a phone number run that through the reverse listings as well. Through Superpages, you may pick up a spouses name or a parent's address the subject may have resides at some point. Take the names you located and go back to Zabasearch and run the names, you will be surprised at what you find.

The inability to pretext phone companies have certainly put a damper in the skip tracing and investigative world, however, people can still be located with out pretext. It's not easy nor is it quick, there is a lot of chipping away at the stone. From my perspective as a skip tracer, I have to become more resourceful and figure out where people have left information behind that I can utilize in my skip trace.

Look at Myspace, people load up information beyond belief. They put up birth dates, occupation, some list high schools, colleges, fraternity, even better some list, cities, states, family member's names and email addresses, not to mention photos. One skip trace I worked where an investigator was doing a disability case on a subject. By manipulating the subjects name I located his Myspace account, the subject had videos of himself ridging dirt bikes in an amateur competition. Remarkably enough, the subject listed his next motocross event on his Myspace account; the investigator was there to video tape.

Another skip trace for a client was to assist in locating employment or business entities on a subject. My client had an email address on the subject, what I did was drop everything after the ampersand so the email became joebadguy77. Where ever the subject posted something online be it a Blog an Op-ed site or signed a web sites guest book I'm gonna get a hit. With this particular case, the subject was listed in Zoominfo, busted as we say in the business.

As time goes on, the laws will change and restrict more, and more how information is obtained, its important investigators and skip tracer reinvent the process of locating people and assets. We at AhearnSearch have drastically overhauled our skip tracing methods; there was a time we were paid for information, now we are paid for the process of searching for information.

I truly believe in time that pretext itself will be outlawed which will affect several industries, like banking, financial, investigative and including the legal industry of locating witnesses. My suggestion to all the Investigators, Repoman, Collectors, Lawyers and suspecting spouses either perfect your internet search skills or utilize a company like AhearnSearch for your skip tracing needs.

Frank M. Ahearn & Eileen C. Horan

Professional Apple Repair Miami Providers Take Care Of Apple Products

One of the most popular computers available today is the MacBook. Apple Stores record a high percentage of sales of the MacBook which increases steadily every year. However, just like any other machine, these laptops can also suffer hardware failure. The screens are also very delicate and may get damaged if handled roughly. The keyboard may need to be replaced or there may be other forms of abuse to deal with such as liquid spills or damage due to hitting the floor. A costly investment that is normal with a MacBook is the replacement of the motherboard.

While there are many service providers who claim that they can undertake any Mac repair Miami or Apple repair Miami, it is essential to protect your MacBook or Apple product by checking out the best Apple authorized dealer in the area. They should be able to provide quality service and repairs for any Apple product. Some service providers may charge you handsomely but may not be able to perform repairs when there are complex problems.

Take the time to research online and look for the best Apple repair Miami that can meet the most stringent standards of Apple. If the service provider is authorized and reputable, they will be able to handle the repairs professionally by first diagnosing the problem and then informing you of the same. You MacBook hardware or software may need to be upgraded by the qualified technicians. These technicians should be certified by Apple and also provide warranty repairs at the lowest prices. It is possible that you can get the repair monitored online by an authorized Mac repair Miami. They will provide a machine for you on loan till such time the computer is repaired.

You may be able to find an Apple repair Miami close to where you live. It is advisable to take your device directly to the trusted service provider that performs repair jobs that are outsourced to them and assure quality. You have invested a lot of money in these devices and naturally you are looking for the best service provider in your area.

If you scour the internet you will find many do's and don'ts to ensure that your MacBook is well protected. The battery can get damaged or the life shortened when there is overheating. It is essential to check that the air vents are not blocked so that hot air is not blown by the fan. Many people inadvertently place a pen on the laptop and forget to remove it. When they close the lid, problems such as screen damage, broken keyboard or hinges are likely to occur. Read all about these problems or how to fix minor problems online without taking your computer to a store for repairs.

Once you have identified an authorized Apple dealer such as Fix Apple Now in your area, you know that your MacBook or Apple product is in safe hands. You will be offered a 3 months warranty on the Apple product and they will offer you prompt and reliable service.

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Your Options Suitable For The Various Forms Of Car Finance And Car Lease

You may lease the car or you can procure it straight away with a car finance. These are definitely your two main options.

Siting the Difference between Buying Car Finance and Leasing

During the past years, you can only lay your hands on a brand new car if it's a company car or if you use the funds for your house's deposit. Today, with a wider range of car finance options than ever before, it has become a possible option for almost every driver.

You will see car financing somewhat complicated especially if it would be your first time to use car financing to buy a new car. There are actually two main types of car financing: leasing car finance and car finance for buying the car right away.

You should consider leasing the car or simply by using a car finance to buy the car. These are some things that you need to consider before finally deciding to get that new car. Leasing is actually increasingly common in Australia nowadays. Before, it never was a popular option. Leasing a car by using a car finance demands you to pay in your first time to use the car. It's either you get another lease or give back the car as soon as the lease term already ends. Generally, however, you have the choice of purchasing the car - for which you can use car finance.

Car leasing provides you with several benefits instead of when you buy it outright. Leasing offers you the opportunity to get another car finance if you can't get the standard one. This actually also offers you a huge possibility of laying your hands on that dream car without falling to a debt.

Your own situation and as well as desire would determine the type of car finance that is ideal for you.

Car Financing and Its Types

You can also have several choices when you opt to settle for car finance. In Australia, the standard consumer loan car finance option is definitely the most common type of car financing. This type of car finance functions by determining a loan period at first and your interest rate is set according to the financial risk along with current market conditions. Commonly, this type of finance provides you between one and five years to repay the said loan through monthly repayments; usually loans are set on a fixed rate making budgeting quite simple. If you prefer a car finance loan that is definitely secured against the car itself, you can select this type.

Personal lease will be another type of car finance. The whole cost of the car needs not be paid using this type of financing. On the other hand, you lease the car on car finance for some time - usually between one and five years. Using personal lease car finance you are making monthly obligations in the same manner you would when renting a house.

Lastly, the popular car financing type will be the hire purchase car finance. If you need a flexible version of the personal lease car financing, you can choose hire purchase. Using this car financing option, you just have to lease the car through a car finance. You may then go on paying what is known as "balloon payment" at the end of the agreed car finance lease period. Small businesses usually find this beneficial since there's no need to pay for the entire car up front. It will be easier to find payment deals which perfectly suit your income and budget in this car finance. This helps businesses a lot.

Condo Loans Becoming Stricter

With the tightening up of mortgage rules and the returning caution of lenders (finally!) we are seeing a throw-back of some of the more vigilant practices that we were once used to.

Existing condo owners may be glad of the fact that some of this new thinking discourages loans for prospective condo owners who are buying explicitly for condo rentals (as opposed to condo loans that are for owner-occupied sales).However, a group has sponsored state legislation which, if passed, will protect non-resident condo owners from having to give up their rental rights.

Many condos do have rules about the amount of rental units they will allow and it is these numbers that a lender may be interested in.

Many lenders will only offer a mortgage if a complex rules that at least 50% of its units would be available for owner occupied residency only. With the stricter philosophy on loans now, some lenders even push their stipulation for this figure up as high as needing a guaranteed 70% residency requirement.

This could present two problems; firstly it will become more difficult for condo owners to sell their homes, as many rental options will be forfeited due to financing restrictions. Secondly, as this becomes a realization, the Home Owner's Association of a condo community may wish to limit or lower the number of rental condos permitted in their complex and/or permitted to be held by one owner.

There is no doubt that to live in a condo unit that is strictly owner-occupied is a far different experience from living next door to a rental unit. There are some parts of condo living which naturally spill into the neighbor's life: late nights, balcony noise, slamming doors and yelling etc.

Not that all renters will act like this, but on a two week holiday, people tend to let go of their inhibitions! Even long term renters do not have the same vested interest in their rental home as a resident-owner might.

It is partly for this reason that many condo managements have rules about the percentage-proportion of rental units that will be allowed in their complex. When a prospective buyer views a condo unit that is up for sale, it is very important to also 'view' the Home Owner's Association (HOA) rules.

The rules will state what percentage of units is allowed to be rental units. If you are planning to be a full time resident, you will want a complex which has a low percentage of rentals. (You also need to ask if the condos above you, below you, and to either side of you are rental units. This may be the reason why the condo unit is up for sale!)

The enormous increase in foreclosures has brought many more rental investors into the market, and one of the easiest rental options is a condo, as much of the maintenance is already taken care of.

High percentages of rental condos in a complex can de-value the sale price of a unit; it can also make it more difficult to sell. Many of the rental condo owners are hoping that they will be protected if their HOA decides to change the rules of rental percentages in their complex.

To this end, a group of real estate agents in California have sponsored a bill that protects condo-owners rights. The bill will allow condo-owners to continue owning their unit under the same HOA rules as when they bought the condo, even if the rules change by consensus.

This bill is mainly to protect rental rights that were in place at the time of purchase and may now be jeopardized; however, this bill, if passed, will be a useful tool for all condo owners to access.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Should You Choose Your Own Closing Agent?

In the process of buying a house, you have to make decisions about a number of aspects, including your loan options, choosing a real estate agent, getting the house inspected by a professional, etc. Similarly, when it comes to closing a real estate deal, you may wonder whether to choose your own closing agent. But before making this decision, you need to first understand who a closing agent is and what role he or she plays in closing a deal.

A closing agent is a person or a company who coordinates all procedures and formalities required to complete the sale or purchase of a property. He or she ensures that all documents are in order before you sign a deed and also interacts with your lenders to obtain details concerning the disbursement of funds and closing instructions. Once all these documents have been gathered, the closing agent prepares a settlement statement and the required affidavits.

In general, a closing agent does not work for a buyer, seller, lender or real estate agent. However, he or she may have to work with all these parties to obtain the necessary documents, such as the sale contract, inspection report, home warranty documents, and so on. The closing agent also ensures that you are in agreement with the opposite party that all papers obtained are in order and collects checks required for covering closing costs and other deposits.

Lastly, the closing agent records the deed and mortgage with the appropriate courthouse, and then he or she returns the original deed to you and the original mortgage document to the lender.

Why Hire a Closing Agent?

First of all, an experienced, reliable closing agent can close a deal smoothly and more rapidly and help you avoid a complicated or delayed closing process. Secondly, closing agents have vast experience in real estate transactions, and therefore, they have better knowledge about the types of loans available and which loan would suit your needs best. They also draw up all the necessary paperwork and handle the payoff to the seller. This drastically reduces the burden on you.

So Should You Choose Your Own Closing Agent?

While as a buyer you reserve the right to choose your own closing agent, it is wise to enlist the services of the closing agent affiliated with the seller. This is because sellers work with a regular set of closing agents who are well accustomed to all procedures and formalities. For example, when it comes to REO properties or bank owned houses, the closing agents working with the bank may have more experience with the paperwork necessary to complete the closing, as opposed to someone chosen by you. Sellers also prefer to work with these agents because there is a mutual understanding of their Service Level Agreement (SLA) and turn-around-time. This makes the process much smoother.

For you to opt for your own closing agent, you must be familiar with closing agents in your state, which you probably are not. Leaving the choice to the seller comes with other benefits too. Most sellers offer to pay for your title insurance policy and other related search fees as an incentive for allowing them to choose the title provider and closing agent. And by leaving the choice of closing agent to the seller, you can ensure a faster closing time.

Interview With D. Sidney Potter, Author Of Real Estate Book The Flip, By Todd Rutherford

Learn why New York Times best sellers, PhDs and HGTV hosts have raved about The Flip, a real estate docufiction that chronicles the real estate crisis-before, after and now.

TR: Who should buy the book?

SP: Hopefully everyone.

TR: Short of everyone, who else?

SP: Anyone who loves breathing. Or more nicely - because I appreciate your interest in the book, Todd; the book is an ideal match for a wide range of folks. Since PhDs, HGTV hosts and athletics have chimed in on The Flip, I'd like to think anyone from brianics, home improvement cable junkies, entrepreneurial types.. and even, em.jaded real estate investors would find value in the book.

TR: Anyone else you forget?

SP: Yeah, and I hope you're not being facetious. How about anyone who likes a good 'crash and burn' story! That sounds harsh, but true. But it's a self-effacing book. One that's meant to teach and tell a few good stories along the way.

TR: Some have suggested it's a real estate memoir on steroids! What say you?

SP: Todd, you're starting to sound like Bill O'Reilly there. (Laughs). On steroids did you say?

TR: On steroids.

SP: Okay..Ahh. How about on lots and lots and lots of coffee. Although there's a memoir aspect. (pause), at the end of the day, it's a real estate book that teaches the benefits of aggressive acquisition tactics coupled with prudence and self-restraint. I think many will find the narrative to be instructive, humbling and hopefully, useful.

TR: Can you elaborate?

SP: Nope. That's it. There are no accidents.

TR: Any chance of The Flip becoming a best seller?

SP: (Laughs)..God, I hope you're kidding. About as much chance as Bernie Madoff being released on good behavior. But thanks for asking.I think.

TR: In terms of what real estate investors like yourself did the past decade, your book might be considered the real estate version of the grunt's perspective in the movie The Hurt Locker. It's very gritty and almost crude in some areas. It clearly isn't about high-level U.S. Generals in air-conditioned offices in Florida directing drones to kill jihadist insurgents. Guys like you were actually in the front line. Some took direct fire and were able to tell the tale. What was your outcome? Any permanent injuries?

SP: If you call a ,000,000 to ,000,000 bankruptcy filing-permanent injures, I guess you can say my injuries weren't merely flesh wounds. Put it this way, after the ashes..banks weren't exactly happy to see my name on the dotted line.

TR: Any regrets on your boom and bust odyssey?

SP: None at all. I hate to sound corny. But it's better to have loved, then to not loved at all.

TR: Why and when did you write The Flip?

SP: It was first written with the idea of creating a 100% bonafide 'how-to' real estate book. Straight up, no chaser, just a nuts-n-bolts, no thrills real estate book. But then I wrote it, and that was like.. about 2006, no I mean 2005..believe it or not. And then I just put the book down, things were so positively busy. But in a good way. Then the world changed. And when I picked it up to finish about 2008, the last 3 to 4 four chapters had a decidedly different ending. It was actually pretty goddamn painful to write.

And that's when.. when, it actually became more of a real estate memoir, more than anything else.

TR: What about Machiavellian tactics?

SP: What about 'em!

TR: You talk about Machiavellian tactics in the Flip.

SP: There's tons of it in the book. Way too much to go into now. That said, I don't think readers will be disappointed.

TR: What do you hope to accomplish?

SP: Ideally, readers will learn the day in the life of a new tract home investor. And how to do things the right way, like I did. But...the real accomplishment I that it will give an up close and personal look of the 'how-to' on buying real estate in a realistic user-friendly way. Some of the books I've read on real estate seem to dummy down..are, ah. give this 'smoke and mirrors' way of buying real estate, when it really comes down to exercising financial prudence, sprinkled with a bit of good ole all American swagger to it.

TR: Who is to blame for this catastrophic meltdown in the economy?

SP: I wish I could say it was all Wall Street's fault, since they're an easy target. But to be painfully honest, the culpability is far and wide on this one. Not that we shouldn't point the finger at the cuff-link-wearing jackasses on Wall Street, but we can apportion blame on those that used their homes as an ATM machine. We can also point to the politicos, the rating agencies, the bureaucrats.which includes the Fed, the FDIC, the SEC and the misguided do-gooders at Fannie and Freddie. Everybody has blood on their hands on this one. And god willing, we'll be able to wash our hands clean.

TR: What's the take away?

SP: I can give you the take away in three words. Buy the book!

TR: Seriously. If a reader wanted to learn something from The Flip, what would it be?

SP: Fair question. Hmmm...(pause). How about, do as I say, not as I did. That really is the lesson to be learned from The Flip. The less 'crash and burn' victims out there, the better.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Executive Assistant Cover Letter

Wondering what to include in your executive assistant cover letter? This article gives you executive assistant cover letter examples. The samples will help you in framing your own personalized executive assistant cover letter.

Writing a cover letter is a form of business letter writing. It's a document that gives an introduction to your resume or any proposal documents. It adds to the information given the documents already furnished. It highlights your skills and work experience. So while making an executive assistant cover letter, it is advisable to look at the job requirements and the profile to customize your cover letter.

Who is An Executive Assistant

An executive assistant is a person who represents executives in meetings or discussions and is not like an administrative assistant, as is commonly misunderstood. An executive assistant's position includes responsibilities like managing correspondence, doing research work, and also filtering information which is supposed to reach the administration. This gatekeeping is done with respect to the varying importance any issue holds. The executive assistant's job profile also includes setting up meetings with clients as well as other employees. Though this may seem to be a secretarial job profile, the executive assistant is at a much senior level and also possesses greater knowledge i.e. higher education than what a secretary has. So you can write your executive assistant cover letter with salary requirements.

An executive assistant can represent the board members and be influential in meetings or discussions held on behalf of them. He is an authorized person to do that. Along with this, an executive assistant is usually required to handle some part of the project management. He thus needs to have good communication skills and leadership qualities which would include work delegation.

Tips for Writing Executive Assistant Cover Letter
1. It is better to get the executive assistant cover letter typed rather than hand-written.
2. Keep it to the point and formal.
3. There should be no spelling mistakes and typing errors.
4. Plan the letter for an executive cover letter; it has to be customized and written specifically with the skills required for a particular executive assistant job description.
Executive Assistant Cover Letter Examples

The following are sample executive assistant cover letters.
Executive Assistant Cover Letter 1

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Your Address

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Dear Mr. /Ms. Name of Employer,
This is with reference to the advertisement on your company's website for the post of executive assistant. I believe I possess the knowledge and experience that your company requires. I feel if I am given an opportunity to join the company's name on the said post, I will be able to contribute towards the success of the company.

I have worked as an executive assistant for 4 years in a reputed firm and I have acquired some useful experience regarding advertising and marketing. Communication is my forte. Keeping the best interests of the company, I think it will be beneficial for both of us to meet to talk more about your expectations regarding the executive assistant job.

I really look forward to meeting you in the near future. If you have any queries, I will be available on any working day on the phone numbers mentioned.

Thanks for considering my application.

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Dear Mr. Raven Michael,
It is with great enthusiasm that I am responding to your recent advertisement in job portal name for the post of an Executive Assistant. I believe my experience and abilities closely match your criteria.
1. Four years of experience of being in the corporate sector of reputed marketing companies.
2. Good analyzing skills and presentation skills.
3. Awards for efficiently implementing administrative programs.
4. Knowledge of computer programming, in languages C, C++ and C#.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

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So these were the executive assistant cover letters for your guidance. Hope they helped you in framing your own executive assistant cover letter. Wish you all the luck!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Foreclosure Liens

Even if you look to flip the property to another buyer, there can be challenges with that as well. This is especially true if you are attempting to flip a property to an end buyer who is financing the acquisition.
What if there was a way you could make money off foreclosures without buying the property at all?

There is a way that you can make money off foreclosures without ever having to purchase the property. It is known as foreclosure liens and understanding this process can create a substantial monthly income stream for you without ever having to own a piece of real estate.
What is a foreclosure lien?
When a property goes into foreclosure, the lending institution seeks to take possession of the property to recoup as much money as possible. The property is sold at a foreclosure auction and the proceeds of the sale from the auction go to paying off the outstanding mortgage balance against the property.
In addition to the mortgage, there is a potential for judgment liens to be recorded against the property as well. When a homeowner fails to pay a bill of any type, whether it is a credit card bill, medical bill, landscaping bill and so on, the company who the homeowner owes could file a judgment lien against the property.
A judgment lien is a court appointed order that requires any proceeds from the sale of a property to be paid to the lien holder prior to being paid to the actual seller of the property. This technique gives the lien holder an option to potentially make their money back.
When a house goes into foreclosure, there are many owners who simply refuse to take the necessary action to rectify the situation. Many homeowners in foreclosure seem to believe that money will fall out of the heavens at the last minute to pay for their outstanding mortgage balance and save their property from foreclosure.
As a result, even if they are offered options by investors and other real estate professionals, they fail to act upon them. They then eventually lose their home in the foreclosure process because they ignored the problem instead of addressing it.

When a property is successfully sold at a foreclosure auction, the proceeds raised from the sale are used to pay off any outstanding debt associated with the property. Outstanding taxes are paid first, followed by outstanding mortgage balances.
If there is any money left over after paying off the outstanding mortgage balance that money must first go towards paying off judgment lien holders on the property. Then, once all of the judgment lien holders have been paid off, if there is still money left over, that money goes to the homeowner who was foreclosed upon.
As an investor, there is a strategy that you can implement with little to no risk to you that allows you to be able to capitalize on this and position yourself to profit.
Suppose you encounter a property that is in foreclosure. You try to negotiate with the homeowner. However, the homeowner refuses to sell the property. Depending on what the outstanding amounts are on the property, it is possible for you to profit regardless of whether or not the homeowner decides to sell to you. In fact, with this strategy you can profit regardless of whether or not you are able to place a winning bid at a foreclosure auction.
When you encounter a property that is in foreclosure where you cannot get the homeowner to sell to you, the first step that you want to take is look and see what the outstanding balances are against the property.
In order for this strategy to work effectively, the ideal scenario is a scenario in which there is equity in the property. A property with equity gives you the best chance at securing the maximum amount of profit that you can generate from a judgment lien.
For example, suppose you find a property that is worth 0,000 on the market after repairs have been made? The mortgage balance is 0,000. The property requires ,000 in repairs. There is also a ,000 judgment against the property. This is a perfect example of a property that you will probably want to go after.
The total amount of outstanding debt obligations tied to the property is 5,000. That means if the property is repaired and all obligations are paid off, there is ,000 in equity available in the property.
So how do you make money?
What you will want to do in this case is contact the lien holder. Let him or her know that you would be interested in purchasing the lien from them. You should pay no more than 40% of the value of the lien. It is not uncommon to offer and have accepted as low as 5 to 15% of the value of the lien.
So let's say you paid ,000 for the judgment lien or 33% of the value. The great thing is you don't even have to come up with the ,000. You can secure the lien by tying it up with an option, which gives you the option, but not the requirement to buy the lien. There needs to be a dollar amount for an option to make it legal so you can offer for the option.
I recommend that you make your option period good for 120 days. This gives you enough time to find out if the judgment lien will get paid off at the foreclosure sale. If it does, you exercise your right to buy the lien and use the excess profit (because you will make ,000 plus interest) to pay the ,000 sale price you negotiated for the lien.
What happens if the judgment lien does not get paid off? You simply choose not to exercise the option and at most, you have lost a single dollar. That is the power behind using foreclosure liens to make money on foreclosures even if you don't buy the property.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wrecked Car: What to do with your wrecked cars

Due to the increased number of accidents that happen in the United States and around the world, the question of what to do with a wrecked car is constantly being asked. However, before we focus on what you can do with a wrecked car, let us look on what exactly is classified as a wrecked car. A car that falls under the classification of being wrecked is one that cannot be easily repaired and has been written off by law. If you have a car that falls under the wrecked category, you are now wondering what you can do with it and luckily for you, there are so many options available to you.

Your first option is to sell the car or part it out:

Selling a wrecked car is quite self explanatory but you must be wondering who will buy a wrecked car? Purchasing wrecked vehicles have become a very lucrative business and there are numerous companies on and off the internet that specializes in this area. When selling a wrecked vehicle, do not think about selling it to an individual, unless they plan to sell the parts or use the parts to repair a car of their own. When selling a wrecked car, your best option is to sell it to a company. These companies will buy your car and give you much more than you expected for it.

However, instead of selling the car, you also have the option to part it out. This means that you will sell the car parts to people who want them. The buying and selling of used parts have become a huge business these days and selling your wrecked car part for part can be the most profitable option for you. However, if these options are not for you, your next option is to scrap the car.

Scrapping a wrecked car

If you opt to scrap your car, you will need to take it to a junk yard. At these junk yards, you will come into contact with various other junk vehicles. These companies will purchase the car and some of them will even come to your home and pick it up for free. These junk yards will then sell the working parts after awhile. This option is similar to selling the parts yourself, however, with this option, you will make less money than if you were to do the work and sell the car part for part.

What's the best option? Should you sell the car, scrap it, or part it off?

All the options presented to you will bring in some cash; however, if you want the best option, many people will tell you something different but what we say is to sell the car. However, you will need to be careful about where and who you sell your wrecked cars to because not everyone will give you a fare deal.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Business Finance Problems and Solutions

One of the most important duties of a business owner is to solve problems. Some of these obstacles will be more critical than others, and prioritizing problems properly might be as important as formulating business solutions. Identifying problem areas accurately in the first place can also make the entire process more productive. No matter how successfully problems are identified and prioritized, the final test will require that they be solved in a timely and effective manner. But problem-finding, prioritizing and solving each have an important role in reducing the potential negative impact of business finance problems.

Of course some business owners might choose to employ the "putting out fires" strategy. With this approach there will not be a perceived need to identify and prioritize problems. Instead there will be a reactive action taken to each problem (the "fire") as it appears on the scene. Because there are fewer hands to do everything in smaller businesses, this haphazard method of tackling problems tends to be seen more regularly in a small business environment. However, as larger companies continue to go through one downsizing round after another, this practice is gradually creeping into the forefront in more business situations because of fewer and fewer employees to handle everything. While this might represent problem-solving in its least favorable light, it might also turn out to be what the majority of companies are forced to do by default.

Just as each manager probably has a different tolerance for risk, there are many different ways to approach problems. Ultimately it can be viewed as a test of how to manage resources that include both time and money. Creativity can play an important role because the old solutions are frequently not the best solutions. Creative approaches to problem solving can also help to minimize the impact of time and cost constraints. Business creativity can be especially helpful in rapidly-changing circumstances which produce new problems requiring new solutions.

Finding the problem areas is probably an under-rated management function. This particular task takes on a new level of importance when the external and internal environments are both changing in ways that are not familiar to even the most experienced managers. The bad news is that is precisely the chaotic kind of financial and economic circumstances which seem to be impacting most industries currently. Does that mean that many problems are now unsolvable because of what might appear to be unforeseen changes?

The most candid answer is a qualified "Probably not", although it should be acknowledged that a "moving target" is likely to be more difficult to hit than a stationary one. Companies will increasingly need to consider a wider range of alternative problem-solving strategies as the challenges become more complex and unpredictable. Even the appearance of unpredictability should not dissuade managers and business owners from continually searching for a better solution. Peter Drucker once observed that "The best way to predict the future is to plan it" because he felt that effective business planning could overcome even the unknown elements that will impact businesses in the future. With this mindset, the management goal would change from "putting out fires" to anticipating the fires and avoiding the fires.

Payday Loans no fax: trouble free access to instant finances

Faxing documents to the concerned lenders, while availing loans has always created problems. There are times when the fax machine does not work properly due to technical snags and at other time the documents are not available with you. Naturally, you would like to sidestep these lengthy formalities while availing loans. However, now with payday loans no fax, you can get hold of the funds without facing too many hassles.

Payday loans no fax presents you an opportunity to acquire short term financial assistance, without necessarily any documentation or paper work. As these are short term loans, there is no need of placing collateral as security. Further, the loan amount is approved by the lender without any credit check. This makes the loans a good option even for the bad credit borrowers with CCJs, IVA, arrears, defaults etc.

For the application of the loans, you have to fill up a simple application form with the necessary relevant details. By mentioning your current employment and income details along with your bank account number in an online application form, you can derive the loans. Other than these, your age should be more than 18 years and that your monthly income should be a minimum of 1000.

Through these loans, a limited amount in the range of 100-1500 is released for short repayment tenure of 14- 31 days. After the due date is over, the borrowed amount along with the fees is automatically deducted from your bank account. As you know, short term loans carry a marginally high rate of interest, these loans are no exception. However, by undertaking a proper research of the market, you can very well come across lenders offering the loans at affordable rates.

If there is some sort of cash discrepancy and you are not comfortable repaying the loan amount, you can extend the repayment tenure by informing the lender and by paying a small fee.

With a view to help you in times of crisis, payday loans no fax certainly turns out to be a good option. Ensue to make timely repayment of the borrowed amount, as it will help you to improve the credit score.

Monday, August 13, 2012

No More PPI Mis-selling, Please

The banks are facing tough times with the huge rise in the number of people making claims against them, especially because of the PPI debacle. Consumers are increasingly aware of the necessity to get some compensation for mis-sold PPI policies, which were sold alongside loans, mortgages or credit card agreements with their financial services provider.

Many banks are being hit hard by the scandal. For example, Lloyds PPI complaints are expected to carry on for a good while yet, especially since they set aside a cool 3.2 billion in 2011 to ready themselves for the huge amount of expected customer PPI compensation claims. Most of these claims will be because of the deceitful tactics that were employed by the bank to get their customers to agree to PPI policies (the majority of which they wouldn't pay out to in the event that their customers needed to claim on them).

Of course, Lloyds PPI complaints should not be singled out as the only ones making the rounds in the financial world. Halifax, Alliance and Leicester, HSBC and Barclays are some of the more high profile companies guilty of mis-selling payment protection insurance to their customers, and there are many more companies without household names that mis-sold PPI as well.

PPI Justice
This is not to suggest that Lloyds TSB et al are not getting exactly what was coming to them. Mis-selling payment protection insurance to unsuspecting customers was one thing only: a complete and utter rip off instigated by banks. The mis-selling of PPI is something that proliferated through questionable PPI sales strategies put into practice by banks, which made unsuspecting and trusting customers think they needed the policy when they didn't.

PPI reclaiming can be a heavy burden for those who are unsure and sketchy on how to deal with the complaints procedure for their respective banks. It is certainly possible for a person to make a claim by themselves via contacting their bank and making them aware of the strong suspicion that they have been mis-sold PPI. But for some people, this may be a difficult task and banks have not been known for accepting claims for PPI compensation easily, in some instances making the process as wearisome as possible to dissuade a person from claiming the full amount that is rightfully owed to them.

This is where a claims management company could help. To win a difficult case, where a PPI claimant may have been turned away or denied compensation by a bank or financial institution despite believing they have a valid claim, the expertise and professionalism of a reputable claims management company will certainly make the difference.

PPI reclaiming is a task that shouldn't put off. With millions of people affected, and billions of pounds waiting to be collected by aggrieved customers, now is the time to claim.

The financial services responsible for separating hard working people from their money with little to no regard for whether it was a just or reasonable thing to do should not be allowed to go unpunished - aggrieved customers have every right to demand compensation, and at the very least get back the money that was always theirs in the first place.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

You need an effective team to succeed in real estate

If you are going to succeed in the business of buying houses and selling them to tenant buyers, you need to assemble an effective team. You'll need an aggressive acquisitions manager and a dependable mortgage liaison. You'll also need a rental administrator.

The job of the rental administrator is to manage all the rental properties for the company. Bookkeeping may also be part of the job requirements. The administrator must also keep track of the phone calls that come in, run the errands, and deposit checks into the bank.

The administrator featured here, Donna, has worked for the me about a year and a half. She is married and has four teenage daughters. The eldest daughter is serving in the army in Korea. The family moved to Springfield four years ago after her husband was discharged from the Army.

Donna grew up in Germany, where her father also served in the U.S. military. She majored in accounting when she was enrolled in college. Before she worked for me, she held a position as a bookkeeper for an attorney's office.

When not at work, when she wants to have fun, Donna watches NASCAR races with her family, who are avid car racing enthusiasts. She also enjoys spending other forms of quality time with her family. She enjoys making improvements in her house, which she and her husband purchased two years ago. They spend a great deal of time fixing up the home. Donna's dedication to her job is evident in everything she does. As the administrator, she must pay attention to detail. Yet, she also needs to have an awareness of the big picture-of where the company is heading. She must attend to various administrative details, while always keeping an eye on the broader mission of the company.

In her capacity, Donna has a great deal of interaction with people. She must deal with phone calls from contractors, tenants, and potential sellers. As a result, she has developed effective people skills. While it might seem to some that an administrator does not have to have a bubbly personality, she does have to know how to deal with people in a warm, professional manner.

The company would simply not function well without an administrator. It can be said that the administrator represents the glue which holds the company together. The business is truly fortunate to have a staffer in a key position that can be trusted implicitly to make the right decisions.

Bumpits: the TopsyTail of the 21st Century?

It's been a good 20 years since TopsyTail hairstyling tool rocked the infomercial and retail world. And then in 2009, along came Bumpits. Like TopsyTail, Bumpits grossed well over 0 million. It's hard not to compare the two itemsTopsyTail's look was pretty and girlish, a take-off from the simple ponytail, a throwback to pre-grunge 1990's. Bumpits look is retro, glamorous, sophisticated and womanly.
The timing of the launches of the two products was the direct opposite in terms of the socio-economic atmosphere of the country. TopsyTail took off coming out of a recession, Bumpits, going into a recession. Bumpits also rode the 2008 wind of the Michelle Obama/Jackie O style trend of the early 60's mod-chic of tailored dresses and accompanying sophisticated hair up-dos, a sleek, put-together look. Psychologically, the Bumpits elevates the crown of the head, making the user appear taller and more elegant perhaps to counteract the psychologically depressing and anxiety-provoking effects of the Great Recession. Kelly Fitzpatrick, the inventor of Bumpits, was trained and worked as a hairdresser, Tomima Edmark, the inventor of TopsyTail was a marketing manager. They say Necessity is the Mother of Invention. Tomima's fine, straight hair, needed to be pulled back. TopsyTail, a plastic hook, allows users to elegantly create looks out of a ponytail. Kelly's customers wanted the volume Kelly would give them with combs and hair-spray at her former salon, but could not replicate it themselves at home. Kelly also had thin hair, and wanted it full. She created Bumpits, a plastic insert that gives volume to hair at the crown. TopsyTail was a totally new look on a commercial level. Bumpits was an updated model of old rats of the 60's, and a pre-existing, popular look. They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going'. Tomima created TopsyTail after being laid off from IBM- Kelly created Bumpits after losing work in real estate during the crash of 2008. Both created one-hit wonders. It's reasonable to ask, If not for the TopsyTail being the pioneer, could the success of Bumpits have been possible? Kelly consciously modeled herself after the winning hair accessories, TopsyTail and Hairagami, reading up on the histories and strategies of the inventors behind them.
One night, Kelly was watching the Donnie Deutsch show, which frequently features inventors and she was inspired. She had thought of ideas similar to Bumpits years ago, but had never had the time or the motivation to develop it. Tomima had been at the movie theater when she was inspired- not by the movie, but by the woman in front of her wearing her hair in a French twist. Bells went off in her head, and she realized she could use crocheting needles she had lying around at home to turn a ponytail inside out to make numerous hairstyles.
Kelly took a DIY approach, making dozens of prototypes out of everything from Velcro to plastic knives, travelling to hair tradeshows with a home-made instructional video loop tape. She learned that it would sell better to consumers than to salons. She created a cheap ad using her daughter as a model, bought TV air time, and the commercial was picked up by MTV- orders poured in. When the product started selling heavily, she licensed it to an As-Seen-On-TV company (the same company that did the infamous Snuggie infomercial). At the retail level, beauty/hair accessory specialists Ulta, Sally's and Claire's, and drugstores Walgreens and CVS picked up the product and are still selling it. TopsyTail entered the market in Dallas boutiques. Then Tomima hired sales representatives Accessory Brainstorms, who got it into department stores. Then she gave a DRTV infomercial company exclusive rights to sell TopsyTail, with the exception of department stores. The TopsyTail brand was sold to Scunci in 2002. After an initial attempt to repackage the product into a kit, TopsyTail remained a sleeping asset. Now Conair (who bought Scunci) has it available to consumers, after having been off the market for decades. Accessory Brainstorms predicted in prior articles that recessions are a good time to launch hair tools and inventive products in general. The success of Bumpits and similar products and the revival of TopsyTail confirm this.
Kelly used Public Relations assistants (in Kelly's case, only part-time after the first year). Towards the end of Bumpits reign, around 2010, they also received some negative or at least teasing PR- Late night TV shows began doing spoofs on the Bumpits commercials (just as they had done many spoofs on the Snuggie commercials). But as they say in media, there's no such thing as bad publicity (any publicity is good publicity), and Ms. Fitzpatrick laughed at the spoofs all the way to the bank. Other sources of buzz were celebrity and beauty pageant publicized use (subtle endorsements). Tomima used a professional public relations company from the start, which in part, contributed greatly to the success of both the TV and retail store sales success.
Kelly has come out with a second Bumpits product, but it hasn't sold as well as the original. Bumpits still sells about 20,000 units per month (way down from its first year, when it sold 1,000,000 units per month), but Kelly is not disappointed, as she realistically planned for its decline from the beginning. Still, she lives more comfortably than she could have ever imagined, investing in second homes (actually 6 properties) and driving a new (as opposed to a used) car for the first time in her life. She could retire at any time if she wanted to. Tomima's follow-up inventions did not succeed either, but she's tremendously successful once again owning and operating one of the original and largest online lingerie retailers, Tomima and Kelly share similar advice never give up on your dreams and never accept no for an answer just keep looking for collaborators who will say yes. So, is Bumpits the TopsyTail of the 21st Century? Good question!

Joan Lefkowitz, an original marketer of TopsyTail tm, is president of ACCESSORY BRAINSTORMS, NYC, a licensing, marketing and sales representation agency and consultancy for Fashion/Beauty Accessory and Lifestyle Inventions. Accessory Brainstorms is always looking for inventions in these categories, and offers one-on-one consulting for inventors who need guidance. ACCESSORIES Magazine awarded Joan for the Most Inventive Products and also cited her as one of the 100 most important accessories industry Movers and Shakers.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Refinance Virginia Mortgage Home Loans

There is a saying, 'once bitten twice shy'. If a borrower defaults in making his payments or makes a late payment time and again or has too many outstanding debts then he is liable to have a bad credit or poor credit rating which does not augur well for his financial health. But if there is no way out from his mess, there are lenders who are willing to help refinance his current mortgage and make his loan eligible for another loan! Isn't that amazing.

The merits of Virginia refinancing are: Possible to get cash back to pay off debts and restore your sagging credit rating Possible to take the benefit of the existing low interest rates and converting your loan into one that has low interest rates Possibility of low interest rates would mean savings.

Refinancing can be done using interest rate reduction refinancing loan. This would help in converting the loan into an easier payable scheme. The rate of interest would depend purely on the personal situation of the borrower and help him in easily repaying it.

Borrowers can also take a loan on a home that has already been constructed though there are less provision in home loans on the same. This can then be used to refinance the existing loan and reduce its interest rates.

Thus Virginia mortgage home loans are basically borrower-friendly designed to help meet the borrower's needs and bring around a solution to home loan facilities. Such loans are encouraged to bring some much needed solution to the stagnant cash struck borrowers who need a gentle push in the form of refinancing. Depending on the capacity of the borrower the interest rates are designed to enable easily payment of interest rates to the lender.

By applying to refinance a mortgage, a borrower can save money on monthly mortgage payments in a very short period. Added to those lenders out of their personal interest will offer advice to improve the credit rating of the borrowers.VA home loans are the most secure form of loans. Therefore the risks for the lender are much less than those incurred with a non-secured loan.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Many Ways You Can Harvest Rainwater

The practice of harvesting water is becoming more common, especially in areas experiencing drought or minimal amounts of annual rainfall. While many modern building practices function to remove water from our homes and require that we pump water from deep within the earth to irrigate our landscapes, water harvesting is about retaining that water and using less from the ground.

Water harvesting is also defined as the process of intercepting stormwater runoff from a surface (e.g. roof, parking area, land surface), and putting it to beneficial use. There are many ways storm water can be intercepted, collected, slowed down and retained. Many cities and towns are encouraging such harvesting for new developments, both commercial and residential. Harvesting stormwater has been shown to reduce site discharge and erosion as well as save the harvester water costs.

How does one save on water costs through water harvesting? The harvester is increasing water availability for on-site vegetation and therefore reduces water bills and groundwater pumping. The water harvested from storms is also typically better for landscape plants as it is lower in salt content and higher in nitrogen.

Water harvesting doesn't have to be expensive, especially if the work is integrated into the property design, grading and landscaping costs. With the right design, one can combine detention/retention landscape buffers and visual screens into single features.

There are a handful of ways water is retained. One such way is through the development of a microbasin. Microbasins are used on gently sloped or nearly flat properties with a low volume of runoff water. Microbasins are not suitable in washes or areas with heavy stormwater flow. Microbasins are made up of berms which direct water to spread out evenly where desired. These berms are usually covered with riprap or vegetation to protect them from the impact of rain. The microbasin is also vegetated and mulched to encourage rapid infiltration of the stormwater.

The second type of water harvesting is through what is called Swales On -Contour. These are built to intercept small to moderate volumes of shallow, slow-moving storm water with swales and berms constructed on-contour. On-contour swales should not be constructed within a drainage channel, and should be at least 10 feet from any building foundation.

There is also Swales Off-Contour. These are constructed at a slight angle from the contour line. Off-contour swales convey stormwater slowly down slope in a controlled manner to maximize infiltration, support vegetation, control erosion, reduce stormwater flow velocity, and eventually discharge any excess stormwater to a safe location.

If you have rapid amounts of storm water, it might be best to have a French Drain installed. These drains are rock-filled trenches that funnel stormwater through the sides, ends and bottom of the trench where soil and water meet. French drains are typically used on flat to moderate slopes. French drains
should not be built in a watercourse where silt could quickly clog them. They can be used on steeper slopes where water harvesting basins would have only small storage volumes.

For small watercourses, the use of a Gabion may be appropriate. This is a semipermeable barrier or grade control structure built to slow, but not stop, the flow of stormwater in a small watercourse to help prevent or repair upstream erosion.

Last is the more common use of harvesting stormwater and that is with the use of water tanks. These tanks are typically stored on rooftops and collect rainfall. The water is then used to water landscaping as needed.

Water harvesting doesn't have to be complicated. You can consult a local engineer to help you better utilize the runoff water on your property.

Unsecured personal loans: A better alternative to credit cards

Plastic money is not only convenient to use but people also feel good when using it. The downside is that the credit card companies charge a very high interest rate in case of credit cards. If you want to enjoy the benefits of unsecured finance without having to pay high interest rates, you can look for some other better choices. Unsecured personal loans are one of them. Like credit cards, these loans also do not require any security and you are free to use the loan amount in any way you want. The biggest advantage is that the interest rate is quite lower when compared to credit cards. So, you may consider switching to unsecured personal loans to gain some advantage.

Unsecured personal loans are very much popular in the UK financial market. According to the results of a research carried out by a price comparison service site, many British women have become reliant on unsecured finance in order to fund their spending. The research reveals that women in Britain have unsecured loans amounting to a whopping twenty billion pounds, and this is apart from a further four and a half billion pounds outstanding on their overdraft facilities. It was observed that the British women use the major part of their unsecured funding for shopping, fashion and beauty.

Online lending has added another feather to the already competitive UK financial market. Now, people prefer taking out loans through online channels. They do not have time to personally meet various loan officers from different companies to get a loan. It is easier for them to apply with a reputed online broker, who can give them a number of options (loan plans) to choose from. There are many lenders who provide unsecured personal loans at competitive rates. So, if you have made up your mind you can contact them online and get some of the best loan deals available in the market.

Allstate Motorcycle Insurance: Basic information

Can I rent a bike to get around after an accident?
No. But you can rent a car if you purchase Rental Reimbursement coverage and your bike is damaged or stolen. Allstate will help cover the cost.
Rental Reimbursement
If you purchase this coverage and your motorcycle is damaged or stolen, we'll help cover the cost of renting an automobile.
Do I need coverage for aftermarket parts?
Yes. When you upgrade your bike, you're increasing its value. You want your insurance to keep up. If you add less than ,000 of custom parts, you're automatically covered with Allstate's Comprehensive and Collision Coverage. If it's more than that, you can get up to an additional ,000 of coverage.
Lease/Loan Gap Coverage
If your bike is stolen or totaled, you're not at a total loss. Gap coverage pays the difference between your motorcycle and the amount remaining on your loan or lease. You must have Comprehensive and Collision Coverages in order to purchase Gap Coverage.
Towing and Labor Costs
If your bike breaks down or you're in an accident, don't worry about the cost of getting it home or to the shop. Towing and Labor Costs Coverage will typically reimburse you (up to the applicable limit) on all Harley-Davidson, Touring and Touring Sport motorcycles. It's also available for all other bikes at an additional cost.
Am I covered out of state?
Allstate motorcycle insurance helps protect you in all of the lower 48. And if you can get there, the other two as well.
Am I covered in Canada or Mexico?
Canada, yes. Mexico, yescovered within policy limits and only up to a certain mileage.
Can I turn coverage off temporarily during the winter?
No. We don't offer a 'lay-up' option. But your rates do account for seasonality of your state - providing low rates year round. This keeps you ready to ride when that unseasonably warm winter day rolls around.
I don't ride during the winter months. Why do I need a 12-month policy?
All rates take into consideration how bad your region's winter is. Shorter riding seasons can get lower rates. That's good, because no one wants to miss a ride on that freakish 50-degree day in January.
Transfer Discount
Earn up to 10 percent if you currently have motorcycle insurance with a carrier other than Allstate.
Motorcycle Organization Discount
Earn up to 10 percent if you're a member of an eligible motorcycle organization. Your Allstate Agent can provide a list of organizations that are eligible for a cycle club discount.
Motorcycle Safety Course Discount
Earn up to a 5 percent bike safety discount if you voluntarily attended and passed a motorcycle safe driving program within the past 36 months:
Good Rider Discount
Earn up to 5 percent if you haven't had any chargeable accidents and no more than one minor violation in the past 60 months.
I own several bikes. Do you offer a discount if I insure several of them together?
Yes. Bike fanatics deserve a fanatical discount. You can save up to 35% when you insure multiple motorcycles on the same policy.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Easy Payday Loans For Georgia Residents: Meet To Demands

Cash carries out your day-to-day money affairs. It helps you in times of emergency. At times, you do not have available cash to meet even your small needs that happens to be the most annoying factor. So in such emergency situation, the lending authority has come up with the easy payday loans for Georgia residents. These are short-term loans for that you do not need to put any collateral.

Basically, easy payday loans are designed to fulfil your urgent requirements in emergency times. You do not have to arrange collateral unlike to other loans. Regardless the fact, the money is approved within a short-time and do not require any collateral. The loan amount is made available within 24 hours after filling the application form.

This amount is directly transferred to your bank account. As it is a short-term loan, the availing amount is also very small. This amount varies in the range of 0-,500.

With the easy payday loans, you can meet your urgent demands. These loans are approved instantly and in a very short period. You can make the use of these loans to meet several of your demands like car repair, medical bills, paying of credit card debts. This form of lending is indeed a good option for tenants and non-homeowners.

For easy payday loans for Georgia residents, there are certain pre requisites which are expected to be qualified by each potential borrower. In this regard, you have to provide the banking details, proof of your income and employment status. Other than that, you must be an 18-year old citizen of Georgia. No problem even if you are reeling under credit crisis. You can make the loan application for easy payday loans even in bad credit situation.

Easy payday loans for Georgia residents are perfect lending solutions. This way you can meet your urgent needs.

Friday, August 3, 2012

North Carolina Real Estate Guide

More about North Carolina Real Estate

Jimmy Dagenhart is dedicated to the search for the perfect property'. His years of experience and success in the field have earned him a niche for himself amidst the thousands of realtors. His services are spread over every aspect of the real estate industry, from identifying the property of your choice and within your budget, to the documentation and final take over. Jimmy Dagenhart is a realtor who offers homes for sale, condos, dedicated listings and construction directives to clients. He offers extensive viewing of:

Burnsville North Carolina Real Estate
Burnsville North Carolina Homes for Sale
Little Switzerland North Carolina Real Estate
Spruce Pine North Carolina Real Estate
North Carolina, NC

Jimmy Dagenhart helps clients identify and close deals in new and second homes and also caters to the requirements within school districts. The services offered are part of very successful enterprises that stand on the integration of work ethics and absolute dedication to happy customers. He makes it easy to work on dream undertakings and within the pressure-less environment he creates around his customers; they are always able to close very lucrative deals.

Once a commitment is made by Jimmy Dagenhart, there's no stopping till the commitments are met. One of the biggest advantages of working with him and his network is that he never misleads you or misrepresents a property. This gives you the peace of mind and comfort that is most needed while working on real estate. When it comes to getting the job done, even the 24x7 flexibility seems to run short for Jimmy Dagenhart.

With real estate being such a need of the hour, it becomes essential to find a trustworthy realtor who will understand just what you are looking for and make this process as simple as it can get. Jimmy Dagenhert is a head honcho when it comes to luxury home deals and construction property. Not only does he have the ability to find you what you are looking for but he'll help you understand the different aspects of investment property to make sure you really get the best deal. He'll help you get your dream house just where you want. He'll help you make a wise decision so your property can reap in benefits for you when not in use.

Is real estate a good investment? The rich seem to think so and so does Jimmy Dagenhart! Without a doubt most high net worth individuals put their money into real estate. This is either in the country where they reside or offshore in places where they like to holiday or let it out to holidayers. Why do high net worth individuals invest in real estate? Today most families love to holiday at sea resorts or other places of interest. So buying property in such places is ideal for letting out during peak seasons when the place is crowded with tourists. Out of season is the time then when the place is available for you to holiday and this is where the real estate services of Jimmy Dagenhart step in. The category of residential and commercial properties falls within real estate investments made available by his expertise and dedication.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Finance For Used Car Sales

More than not apply for finance for used cars when buying a second hand motor car but do not have enough ready money available at the time to cover its costs. In Australia, there are many car finance company that advertise for used vehicle finance services. These lenders have different policies and car finance packages.

When looking for a used car finance, you ought to look at the several packages that are obtainable by motor financial institutions. Take a closer look at the car loans interest rates, terms of the contract, payment term, length of time before the finance gets approved, the lender's fees and charges and any penalty feesif you payout your loan at an earlier time, along with other things that generate up the total package. Although the used car loans rate is one of the largely crucial items in the package, the other things are best not overlooked.

Aside from what has been already been mentioned, take time to go through the second-hand car finance quotation to find one that you will be comfortable with. To discover the best package, take your time as you do you research. You can make the job faster and easier because a simple search in the internet can give you much of the information you want on used car loan companies. You can rank the bank car loans according to their car loans interest rates or other criteria that you wish. If time is a problem to do all this research, having a car finance broker assist in comparing car finance might be a wise alternative.

When you are considering applying for a used vehicle loan, make sure you recognize the repayments that you will be expected to make. You can easily do this using an online calculator, which is obtainable on the web sites of most car finance companies. This simple finance calculator, with easy functions, assits you to determine the duration of time over which you will pay back the loan.

After settling on a number of possible companies from which you want to apply for the loan, it would be a good idea to check the credentials of the car loans company. Is it a company that you approve of? What is its history in financing and dealing with used vehicle loan borrowers? What about its integrity, is it recognized to be an honest company? These are a number of the few things that should point you in filtering out the potential companies and ultimately remain with the finance company that you will borrow the auto car loan.

There is generally two types of used car loans offered by car finance companies: a personal loan and a car loan using the motor vehicle as security. The finance are usually presented over a loan term of between five to seven years, with the term of the finance especially much depending on the age of the vehicle that you are buying. Some lenders do not provide finance for motor vehicles that are over seven years while others cut down the finance period. This differs from bank to bank so be sure to ask the company about their policy on old vehicles. A finance broker specializing in car financing may also be able to help you with this.

As well as very old cars, some lenders do not take on used car loan applications for cars that are imported. If you are buying an imported automobile a unsecured car loanmay be your best other. Note that individual finance are charged higher car loans interest rates than secured loans.

Do not forget that the finance for which you are applying has extra features that you might want included. Some of these may possibly include comprehensive on the car, warranties on mechanical failure of the car, unemployment loan protection, disability and/or death insurance and so on. If these things are approved by the lending company, do not fail to remember that you will still have to get credit over the requisites that are laid out in the loan contract.

Another important factor for consideration is the loan source itself, and the capability of the financier to raise the cash. Not all lenders use their own cash, and while some are financially strong enough to weather the storm of a downturn, others are not.

Notwithstanding that, you can get a good package if you take time to compare the car finance interest rates and terms of used car loans offered by different car loans companies. Having an experienced car finance broker can help you a great deal in choosing a loan that you will be able to repay with ease.